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Fall 2002




IN PSYCHOTHERAPY – with Catherine Fine, Ph.D. 


The Society is pleased to present Catherine Fine, Ph.D. for a one day seminar on Saturday, October 26, 2002 at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites, Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C. 


This interactive workshop will explore the integration of two powerful therapeutic tools – Hypnosis and EMDR.  The workshop will be divided into three parts:


a)      a basic overview of the Hypnosis/EMDR model;

b)      small group participation in “getting up close and personal” for the feel of the model; and

c)      workshop participants sharing clinical vignettes from their practices and interactively exploring the utilization of the model in their current work.


Dr. Fine has had a distinguished career as a clinical psychologist, researcher and teacher.  She has published extensively and conducted workshops on trauma, dissociation, treatment of MPD/DID and uses of Hypnosis and EMDR independently and jointly.


Come out and join us for this exciting seminar – please see the brochure enclosed with this Newsletter, visit our website or call our office for more information (and remember to sign up early to take advantage of the Early Bird rate!). 






Sept. 18 Monthly Mtg. – “Mind-Body Healing”

Oct. 16 Monthly Mtg. –

“Practice Session”

Oct. 26 EMDR Workshop – Catherine Fine

Nov. 20 Monthly Mtg. –

“A Refresher on Energy  Psychology Techniques”


2002 Executive Council




F.W. Hanley, M.D.

R. Yorsh, D.D.S.




Lee Pulos, Ph.D.



Saul Pilar, M.D.



Leora Kuttner, Ph.D.



Heather Fay, M.D.





Mavis Lloyd, Ph.D.

Bianca Rucker, R.N., Ph.D.

Lance Rucker, D.D.S.





Gordon Cochrane, Ed.D.

Marlene Hunter, M.D.

Don Louie, M.D., FRCP(C)

Frank Spellacy, Ph.D.



News & Notes


This section covers events in the lives of our Members.  The Executive welcomes additions to this column.  Please call or fax your news and notes.  We are also happy to hear about books you have read which you would recommend to members, plus workshops and/or presenters that have been beneficial.  If there is someone you would like us to approach for presentation at a regular monthly meeting, or for a longer workshop, that information is also appreciated.  We need presenters for our meetings, so when you have a topic you can share with members, please volunteer.


Congratulations to Marlene Hunter, who has worked long and hard to give birth to a new national organization for hypnosis societies.  This Pan-Canadian organization's primary function will be to work towards
producing educational standards, increasing and improving training, and co-coordinating the provincial associations.  So far meetings between B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia have occurred.  These provinces will form the nucleus of the new organization.  Heather Fay will be joining Marlene to present our local needs and to use her computer expertise in order to help with e-mail and other modern methods of ensuring membership contact without involving expensive land travel.





Applied Kinesiology & the Whole Brain Posture:

A New/Old Method of Reprogramming Beliefs.

Presented by Lee Pulos, Ph.D., Reported by Mavis Lloyd, Ph.D.


Our May meeting was attended by a record-breaking number of members, all of whom experienced, not only Lee’s incredible knowledge, but who were also able to practice a useful tool to use for themselves and also with their clients.


Lee began by exploring the origins of our beliefs and how they always precede our reality as we perceive it.  Beliefs are able to both produce positive movement options and also to limit outcomes, depending upon our previous learning.  For example cultural trances are in existence at any time in society that limit choices and trap humanity within a small octave of consciousness. Then someone comes along who refuses to hold on to that belief and a societal shift in belief occurs.  One example Lee used was that of Roger Banister, who broke the four-minute mile in running.  That record had previously been unbroken.  Once he had broken the ‘ceiling belief’ that the ultimate human capacity in speed had been reached, others followed his accomplishment.  Banister had changed our thinking/belief of what it is possible to achieve.


Lee’s definition of a belief is “a thought in the conscious mind reinforced by emotion and repetition”.  The belief, whether positive or negative, becomes an energy blueprint that is continuously seeking reinforcement to stay alive.  By continuously re-experiencing in the past to understand what’s wrong in the present, we are reinforcing and energizing our negative beliefs that will create exactly what we’re trying to escape.


Many of our beliefs originate in childhood, when our brain waves are more often than not in a trance state.

Children over-generalize and solidify beliefs in order to cope with the multiple environmental inputs during this rapid growth period.  For example, a child who has experienced an incestual relationship with a parent may create a belief that love hurts. Examples of other recurring negative beliefs that may evolve include ‘nothing ever works for me’ and ‘all men cheat’.


The problem with these beliefs is that you always get what you want, which may not be what you are asking for.  Because of conditioned responses to entrenched beliefs, there is a tendency to see the future as things were in the past, and therefore program life to be right rather than happy.  This tendency produces a feeling of loss of control in the present.  Learned helplessness ensues, which is reinforced every time we habitually follow the same route.  As we listen to the internal chatter that goes on at 30,000 to 45,000 thoughts a day, each negative thought is solidified into a negative belief that is entrenched.  Lee likened this process to a beautiful cruise ship, which can go anywhere in the world, but which is pulling a barge full of rusty junk.  Too much attention is paid to the barge instead of towards the forward movement of the ship.  Thus self-talk can keep us frozen in the past – or it can be used to change direction. 


Lee spoke of recent brain research, which proves that with a positive, enriched environment, brain neurons can grow and flourish.  The opposite process of atrophy occurs in a barren one.  Therefore, the brain can be encouraged to reprogram itself with new stimulation.

Lee then went on to demonstrate an exercise in using positive belief affirmations that we would like to have, but that we were not confident enough to espouse as a present-day fact.  He coupled this belief with applied kinesiology approaches that we were then able to practice in pairs.  These approaches involve finding the positive and negative mind/body strengths and weaknesses through various muscle-testing processes.   A specific pose, which involves the whole brain/body, was used.  This pose involved crossing the wrists and then clasping the hands with fingers interlaced.  At the same time the ankles were crossed. Each pose was checked by muscle testing to ensure optimum positive energy availability and flow.  Once the most beneficial pose was achieved the chosen affirmation was repeated until a shift was felt. 


We were then able to practice this technique in pairs under Lee’s supervision. He gave us handouts of limiting and positive beliefs in the areas of health, wealth, self-worth and relationships.  We could choose one that we needed to improve for ourselves, or produce a more appropriate one.  Lee circulated and helped us all to achieve the best results possible for ourselves.

Lee reminded us that one time with the process was a starting point, that the belief system changes best when repetition occurs, and that we should practice our chosen positive affirmation regularly, until it becomes firmly entrenched.


For those members who wish to find out more about this technique, and to have practice time under his supervision, Lee will be giving a day-long workshop entitled, “The Power of Self-Hypnosis and the Magic of Belief” on November 23, 2002 (see ad in this Newsletter).


Thank you for a fascinating evening and for your usual superbly encouraging teaching style, Lee.





Welcome New Member!


We welcome Joy Green of Nelson, B.C. as our newest Full Member.











The Power of Self Hypnosis and The Magic of Belief

Instructor:  Lee Pulos, Ph.D., ABPP

Saturday, November 23, 2002


“You always get what you want – which may not be what you are asking for.”  That statement explains the essence and truth of how beliefs always precede our reality.  Thus if there is any area of one’s life – health, relationships, money, or self-worth that has too many “speed-bumps” or unresourceful outcomes – there must be a belief (or energy blueprint) that is creating the end result.


In this experiential workshop, participants will learn:

  • Two diagnostic techniques for giving “vocal chords” to the subconscious so as to identify underlying “roadblocks”
  • Will learn and experience two self-hypnosis techniques to change the “mental software” of the body/brain
  • Specific goal setting techniques will be taught on how to create an optimal future with more empowering and resourceful beliefs
  • Brief lecturettes will punctuate the experiential work so as to understand how beliefs are formed, (belief trances), theories of hypnosis, overcoming subconscious self-sabotage, etc.


For more information, please call (604) 687-3703






























Monthly Meeting Schedule


The following is a listing of the dates and topics of upcoming meetings.  Topics may change at the last minute due to circumstances beyond our control.  If you wish to confirm the topic being presented, please feel free to contact the office.


The purpose of these monthly meetings is to provide useful information to our members and a place for members to meet and discuss hypnosis in a positive learning environment.  If there is a topic you would like to see presented or you have a topic you would like to present at one of the meetings, please contact the Society President, Dr. Lee Pulos at 604-669-6979.


Meeting Date:        Third Wednesday of each month

Meeting Time:        6:30 p.m.

Meeting Place:       Bianca Rucker’s Office

                                        #400 - 601 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC


DATE                PRESENTER             TOPIC


Sept. 18           Heather Fay, M.D.                   Mind-Body Healing


Oct. 16                        Faculty                                     Practice Session & Case Consultations


Nov. 20           Lee Pulos, Ph.D.                      A Refresher on Energy Psychology Techniques

                        & Heather Fay, M.D.                          



6th National Assembly

Halifax, Nova Scotia     -     October 9 – 12, 2003


Keynote Speaker: David Spiegel, M.D., Stanford University


Early Bird Rates:                       Before                      By                        After

                                Jan. 1, 2003            June 15, 2003         June 15, 2003

Members of Accredited                           

Societies of Clinical                  $300.00                   $325.00                   $350.00

Others                                      $350.00                   $425.00                   $445.00


For further information and to register, contact:


Donald C. Brown, M.D. – Chairman 6th National Assembly

Fax (902) 429-4093                                Tel (902) 429-7890